My name is Kate.  When I was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I embarked on a study abroad winter module class the winter of 2011-2012 to Viet Nam and Cambodia to study the Chinese diaspora.  This blog contains the journal entries from my trip that I kept in a cloth bound journal and typed up after I arrived back to the states.  I encourage you to start at the beginning, Christmas Day 2011, and read chronologically for the events to fall nicely into place.

This trip was my first trip out of the Western culture.  In some of my writing, my lack of experience with other cultures is obvious.  Some comments may seem inappropriate or ignorant because, quite frankly, they are.  This trip changed my view of the world.  I learned a lot.  I grew as a person.

Reading this blog years later, I cringe at some of my observations.  Rest assured that I’ve evolved into a more culturally sensitive and culturally appropriate individual.  I haven’t edited any of my past writing because I want to reflect the trip as I viewed it at this time in my life.

It’s really wonderful to see how far I have come as a person. 😀


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